Heart Shape Home Décor

Posted just now on my Etsy shop ‘ImpalaPrints’ my completed and framed heart shape map home décor item is available now.


The concept

The inspiration for this particular print comes partially from a love and interest in the world around me be it the natural or human. This work also combines with the concept of a map not just as a tool but also as something beautiful in its own right. Indeed when looking at maps I have always imagined the rivers, roads and railways as the veins in one giant organism.


The Item itself

Printed on beautifully textured thick 300gsm paper the bright colours give it a lively loving feel perfect to liven up any room or study. The print is framed in a matt black wooden frame that is strong, practical and stylishly attractive.



This item would make a perfect gift to show your appreciation and love for your friends, lover or family, an Ideal item for wedding gifts housewarmings. Produced with love and care from us at ImpalaPrints why not gift yourself and warm up your home this Christmas, after all home is where the heart is !

If your Interested you can buy them through Etsy, using secure Etsy / Paypal checkout: Here

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