A tale of two cities

Dear blog readers…

I apologise for last week’s rather short entry I was in a rush to complete other things in my suddenly hectic list of things to do!!!

If you gave been keeping up with my other blog entries you will know that I’ve been working heavily with the concept of the city as a beating heart. Much in the same way as the mathematical fractal concept I have scaled up the shape of the human heart and mapped the city upon it.

After working with this concept for some time I am very happy to see it come to fruition, below are two of the finally mounted Prints.


The first, drawn last week is in a classic and stylish looking black and white whilst the newer one incorporates a finer for intricate style. Although this was partly a natural progression in my drawing technique it symbolises well the city of night and daytime.









The first iHeart shape city White areas Removed copymage symbolising the city of night, a film noir city of vice and crime signified in the uncompromising contrasts of black and white.






The second image shows the open city of the daytime detailed warm and colourful, intricate in all its detail. Both images emphasise the restless State of the metropolis as an organ of movement, to stop would be unthinkable.









Here they are nicely framed with a stylish wood frame ready for wall mounting making a fantastic addition to any study or office.


Etsy Vintage

As we are in the subject of maps I would like to take some time to highlight to you these beautiful items in my Etsy Shop.

These vintage Geological Map Prints of the UK are stunning the use of colour symbolising differing rock structures would make a lovely framed item for a study

See them on etsy here


Next time.

For my next project I want to look at something different, using the skills I have gained from previous projects to map landscapes or cityscapes that actually exist. Using my love of satellite imagery and sites such as google maps I want to create a piece that bridges the gap between a real places and fantasy.

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