Blog 3 Heart of a Beating City

Last week I spoke about how the city I was intricately drawing reminded me of an organic being with the railways, roads and waterways as the life-giving veins. The Image below shows the natural course of this idea looking past all of the concrete, brick and tarmac what you see is a gargantuan human made organismNew3

This first image is a straight scanned photograph of the Image; I decided the use of contrasting black and white made for a better composition.

New2This second image shows an electronically simplified image that alters the finality of the lines and cleans up the image creating a stylish work.

New Etsy Vintage items.

Coinciding with the Scottish Independence vote I decided to post this book in my Etsy shop. It’s a fascinating vintage read by Annie S. Strachan and covers famous women figures within Scottish Stories.

BNext week

By next week I plan to frame the image and produce an art print of it for wall mounting and even to post it online for sale on My Etsy Page. Tune in next week to see how this goes.

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