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Childhood is always a monumental period in your life for both personal expansion and the development of hobbies and passions. For me it was a drive to understand the physical world around me, the landscapes and the history of it. It was these factors that inspired me to study both History and geography at a higher level, a thing some people tried to recommend against. While the amount of written work was highly strenuous at points I completed my course and remain highly passionate for both.

Impala Print Blog
Impala Prints thus fits into the narrative at this point, as a creative project I have always wished to embark upon. This blog shares with you my two main passions, a love of Vintage paper items, such as Prints and maps with my rather eccentric hobby of Hand Drawn Maps. While this blog is a discussion on my hobbies I would encourage you to check out my Etsy

So what are my ‘hand drawn maps’ I hear you ask?
Hand drawn maps are something I have always enjoyed producing, happily passing hours crafting towns and villages, railways and highways. I always found it immensely fun fashioning an entire world on paper from nothing more than symbols colours and lines and as I explored the world around me so did my maps expand. Some would call it an obsession but for me it was an amazing creative outlet my chance to be able to unusual abilities to create something beautiful.

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I consider the maps I produce as works of art, as they create a readable landscape and the design that itself is aesthetically pleasing. This makes for an interesting mutation between a map as a practical tool of navigation and the creation of something beautiful and thought provoking. My plans for my maps are in there infancy and I wish to share my developments and plans within the blog, and maybe even encourage people to join in my hobby.

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The map above is an example of one aspect of my hand drawn map hobby that I wish to explore further. It mixes the organic nature of the miniature in this case the human heart with the wider human and natural world drawing on the similarities in construction for instance the rivers taking on the shape of the veins and arteries

Thank you for reading through my first blog post, I will keep this blog updated each week on a Sunday. It will include all updates and the various projects I am working upon as well as the vintage items that I update my Etsy site with.
>Next Week I will be Exploring city maps that explore a steam punk themed Victorian city, based loosely on London.

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